Gameboy tunes like you’ve never heard them before!

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Music is ever changing and the “next big thing” is never far away, a concept that the fashion industry is accustom to as well, and like fashion, music has found itself looking to the past for inspiration, but after all the 80’s songs have been re-sang, the 70’s have been de-hedonised and the 60’s songs remastered, it all starts to get a little desperate from there (we’re not looking forward to the re-singing of 90’s songs), then there’s Chipzel.

The Irish born, London based Chip-set DJ is taking the crowds by storm, using retro game tunes to create energetic tracks with some incredible results and has made her one of the forerunners for the genre. The mix of energy and nostalgia makes this unconventional music an easy listen for me, despite not being particularly fond of it’s (albeit distant) dance cousin. Chipzel’s Spectra album is now the soundtrack to every run and gym session and is available to buy on the below links along with her twitter and Facebook links.