Google to face antitrust charges from EU regulators

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Google is expected to face antitrust charges by European Union regulators today, multiple reports confirm.

The result of the charges could see Google pay heavy fines and be forced to rework its entire European structure.

The EU competition commissioner is set to argue that Google has abused it’s capacity as a  search engine to promote its additional services over additional companies, the Financial Times reported.  the Wall Street Journal reported the investigation into googles practices had been started five years previous and is predicted to be the most high profile antitrust case since Microsoft in 2001.

According to the New York Times, the company could settle with regulators, which would result in changes to its European business. If it doesn’t, regulators could levy more than $6 billion in fines. So far, the largest fine ever assessed by the EU was more than $1 billion to Microsoft in 2009.

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