Key Hairstyles For Men

In Fashion by Danny Pearson

Need a new look for 2015? We’ve listed the key men’s hairstyles for 2015, so you know your new look will be on point.


The pompadour look is often styled with a thicker and volumized hair length on the top. The sides can be faded and slicked back to allow the top layer of hair to define a bold statement.

David Beckham Pompadour Hair Style

Short Back and Sides

With short back and sides, a longer and thicker layer on top of the hair can add an element of uniqueness to any gent’s style. You can experiment with your hair length on top to adapt a style which best suits you.

Top Knot

Also known as the undercut bun, this hairstyle adds a unique and dominant finish. It’s a more difficult hairstyle to pull off, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular style.