Every New Londoners right of passage… You know you did these!

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So you’ve taken that huge step in your life/career and moved to the big smoke, and like a moth to flame you’re getting suckered in by everything that is London, we all did! People from around the globe are drawn to this city, and why wouldn’t you be, I mean, look at it! Incredible bars and restaurants, great shops, inspiring galleries and museums and some of the most amazing architecture and history, but in your moving here you unwittingly signed up to a 6 months stint of New Londoner initiation; a list of things that everyone moving to London has done!

This is what you could’ve won!
Whilst trawling Spareroom, trying to come to terms with the idea of sharing a 3 bedroom flat with complete strangers, you will, without a doubt, have typed your budget into the RightMove app, set it for your home town, and exclaimed multiple times (probably some cursing too) at the penthouse apartment with Infinity pool and robot butler that you could’ve had for the same amount of money or less!

City Mapper saved my life!
You’ve downloaded every tube map you can find on the App Store, poured through them trying to find the station you’re at and the one you want to get to, times’d the number of stations by the average travel between stations, square rooted the result and still got to work late… Then your new flat mate introduced you to the world of CityMapper! You then spent the next 20 minutes finding out how much faster you could’ve got to work! Inevitably you set your alarm for an hour later, slept in and still got there late, but hey, you got there as fast as you could!

Stack ’em high!
London has some incredible eateries and the first of each type will stick in your mind forever, one of which will more than likely be The Breakfast Club! “Pancakes, Sausage and Mapple Syrup?!… NooooOh my batman!” You’ve hit the tastebuds jackpot and its only 10:30! There are a million other places but, well, they’re just not as worthy of mentioning.

I’m in “the club” *wink*
That Wednesday night out has paid off and the hangover tomorrow morning will be worth it to find that secret bar in Shoreditch (everyone knows about it), and it’s so unique and quirky (there are 4 on the same block) and they serve your drink in a jam jar that’s so cool! (They spent their budget on top shelf whiskey and can’t believe they got away with serving drinks in these). Later on you’ll realise The Breakfast Club has a secret bar too just depends if the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town will let you in.

I have a new friend and his name is Byron
You’ve got your morning eatery sorted, now for the rest of the days sustenance! There is a Byron on almost every street in London so the chances of you wondering into one of these in a hungry trance is highly likely. Be warned, once you find one of these, prepare to gain a few pounds (perhaps stone or two), not because the handmade, tender, juicey Byron burgers are in any way worse for you than a standard burger, but because you will want to take EVERYONE for food at your local Byron, eventually realising you say “I know this amazing burger bar” far too many times!