Instagram’s Most Stylish Gents – April 2015

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Instagram Style Icons
April 2015

Our perfectly dressed top three Instagram Style Icons for April 2015.


Thomas’ crisp sartorial style is shown throughout his wardrobe, even retaining the elegance of tailoring in his lounge and casual clothing. More often than not a mixed colour three piece is the base for his outfit, however; he isn’t afraid to mix things up, experimenting with layered denim jackets and such like under a sports blazer. 


Andy Scott

Andy is a bit of an all rounder, bringing style from a variety of sources; from sartorial tailoring to tshirts and snapbacks. Numerous influences show throughout his wardrobe, making him a great person to draw inspiration from if you’re trying to find what works for you.

Andy Scott

Marcus Kristopher

Marcus Kristopher (aka Mark Chris) has an air of perfectionist to his style,  showcasing incredibly well tailored clothing, well chosen detail points and never a hair out of place. If you’re looking for a business style icon, Mark is a superb choice.

Mark Chris aka Marcus Kristopher