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Tooling up: the beauty of bowl and brush

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You’ve seen them on the bathroom shelves of your dad and granddad but why did they use them and what are they good for?

Simply put, a bowl and brush are classic bathroom fixtures; they are easy to use and give a better, more relaxing shave.

Pick a subtle scent for your soap, made from natural ingredients, preferably one containing cocoa or shea butter for their moisturising properties. Opt for a soap scent that compliments that of your shave oil, juniper and frankincense are a great combination.

A good brush and a smooth well-turned bowl will help you work up your shaving cream or soap into a rich thick lather. Apply to your face for exfoliation and to provide a layer of lubrication necessary for a clean shave.

Practicality aside, your bowl and brush are more than just functional items that give you a barber quality shave at home. As with your razor, they should also be objects you’re proud to own; you’re spending most mornings with them, after all.

We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of our bowl and brush set. Handcrafted from a 300-year-old chestnut tree, grown near the Boughton Estate in the Midlands, the set features the GPS co-ordinates of where the tree was planted. It seems a bowl and brush revival is a certainty, as hundreds of people have pledged their support and we’re already eight times over our original goal.

For those who care about excellent quality craftsmanship and products that are built to last, the time has come to take your traditional shave to a whole new level.

Matt Brown, Founder of Thomas Clipper

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